Broken Promises

The other day I did something. Something that I really didn’t want to do, but I did it anyways. My flesh won. I broke a promise that I made to Jesus. I was on this good roll, where I was being obedient, I was holding on to my end of the deal–not that that I made a deal with Jesus (because you don’t. Jesus will just look at you and laugh). I just wanted change, I just wanted to do things right by Him. I want to live my life in His shadows–Jesus shadows. I was on a roll, that I didn’t even see the devil working his way into my life. I was caught in a moment of weakness. My guard was off. But wasn’t Jesus supposed to be my guard? where did I put Him? Before I could snap back to reality I had fallen. I woke up and I was so ashamed. How could I have not seen it coming? How could have I let my guard down— why did I put Jesus in the backseat?

Sometimes in life we get on this “good roll” where things are going okay and forget to check for opposition. We forget who was helping us deal with our insecurities, shame, doubt. We forget who made our healing possible. We forget who is fighting the battle with us. We get so confident and say ” I got this, I can do this ” instead of saying ” Jesus continue to be with me,  continue to fight this battle with me, continue to make me new in your sight”. We take our eyes off Jesus and wonder why our world crumbles? I think that we should cling to Jesus more when things are going so good in our lives, because most likely the devil is closely leaning in towards you.

I learned that it is important to when we are around our weakness and temptation that we ask for Jesus to come in closer than before and step in and help us fighting the good fight. Jesus is a good, good father.


S. P.


Jesus help us to always remember that whatever we are fighting for, we are not doing it alone. You are with us. Always,


In your name,





Living a double Life?

I am a sinner. I am sinner. I know this. I am not perfect, even though I strive to be. I am perfectly made and loved by God. . The one who shed his blood on the cross. Again, I am sinner.  I know that nothing that I will ever do will be good enough for Jesus.

In Christ alone. I am made new.


I just wanted to write that before I begin my next sentences about what I have been seeing. Lately, I have realized that we as Christians  live a double life.  We say that we loved God,  that we recognize Him for ALL that he does for us and all that HE did for us–including dying on the cross. We say we are all about Jesus–but our actions decide otherwise. Why are we so eager to post about how much we love Jesus on the internet and social media sites but don’t show others how Jesus loves. Why don’t we act like Jesus? Why don’t we exemplify the things that we say on Facebook about Jesus.

People say things on the internet that makes you say ” wow that person is really connected with his faith”; But when you meet them and notice their actions and see how they interact you become shocked and are saddened to see that it was all a Lie.

You start asking yourself. How can you be all about your “faith” and act like this? Is this how you want to be seen? People become confused on what being a christian looks like.  Don’t look like love, ACT LIKE LOVE. Show compassion. Be patient. Don’t talk about  compassion and about being patient if you can’t demonstrate them. Living a double life. Saying you are a christian doesn’t make you a Christ-Follower. You can quote the bible and still act like you’ve never opened it.

remember: Appearances deceive.  Lets learn to live intentional.Being intentional on what we post, what we say, and what we do.

Somebody watching.

S. P

Jesus- Help up to be intentional. Help us to be about you and be truthful on who we say we are and what we do. Help us to Live for you. Please forgive us.



Seasonal Friendships? Is that a real thing.?

Seasonal friends? seasonal relationships? Do you believe in that? How does one know when its time to let a relationship dissolve? I am having a hard time in knowing when is it the right time to let a relationship friendship end? I can’t help to think that maybe that I can still help them or contribute more into their lives. But, recently I have been feeling like its time for me to let go, to stop trying. To Just let go. I am not the person to give up on people–maybe its that “saving complex” I possess But honestly, How does a person know when a friendship needs to be terminated or just left alone? Seasonal relationships? Seasonal friendships? When is it the right time to stop trying? I’ve never had a feeling where I felt like I didn’t want to be friends with someone until recently, I am the kind of person that Just loves to meet people and build on those relationship. It pains me to have to let go of this friendship. It pains me to stop trying.

I guess I just have to stop and think that maybe their purpose in my life was served.


Jesus grant us the patience, and wisdom to understand each other.


He Is/I am

Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if you actually lived for Jesus? Lived the life that he has prepared for you? Live the life the the life that Jesus died on the cross for. A purposeful life, a life that has lots of love, grace, and pour-over blessings.

What if we just remember that we can’t ever disappoint Jesus enough for him to turn his back on us? He never will. His grace is always ready to be given to us.. All you have to do is ask for it. Ask and it shall be given.  God’s promises are true! I say this again, God’s promises are true. His plan is to prosper us. Jeremiah 29:11 is an example of how much He loves us.

God knew us before in the womb before we were born. He has great things for you and me. Live for Him. Long for Him. Aspire to be like him. Because Jesus is, so we are.

We cant keep walking around– saying I want to be more like Jesus; and when we are given the opportunities—we behave just the opposite?!.

He is/Iam.

How are you representing Christ? The one that died for you? The savior  of this world?

Are we saying one thing and acting and living differently?

Do a personal inventory in your life and be honest with God. His hands are wide open and ready to embrace all of you. All of your mistakes, and fears.  Jesus is there. He is right beside you. Next time you are doing something out of your promises to Him–just remember that Jesus is right beside of you. Would he be proud?

Would HE?  He IS/You are. He Is/Iam.


S. P. Jesus thank you. Thank you for your arms wide open. Thank you for your endless grace. Help us to remember–because You Are/ We Are. You are the great I am. Thank you for teaching us to love you more and more daily.


in your name, Jesus!





A phrase you cant stop thinking about.

A couple of weeks ago I went to church and my church pastor said something that struck with me. Pastor Jeremy said ” you can’t build Gods reputation if you are busy building your own”.  I had to stop for a minute and think about what that statement meant to me.

I had a series of questions.

Do we live our life how we want to live our life—until we are ready for God? Do we do what we do because we know God’s grace is sufficient and he is more than willing to forgive us? Why do we put God in the backseat for so long? Why do I get so busy building my reputation with this world—when in reality what God thinks of me is all that really matters.. (and no don’t start with saying.. that you don’t care what people think about you—because you do.. we all do).


Just stop to think..if we were so concerned with building Gods reputation–you think we would have time to care about what the world says… or thinks of us?

if all else fails. just:

Always remember that you are here for a purpose. You were beautifully and fearfully wonderfully made. You were no accident. Why not praise the one who gave you the breath of life? Why not build his reputation in the most positive, selfless, gracious, and loving kind of way.

Lets spread love and hope today and forever.

S.P : Jesus, help us to put you first. Help us to build your reputation in the most sincerest and honest way. Help us to love and forgive like you. Thank you for this day and for our family and friends. Thank you for the cross, and please forgive us for not putting you first in our lives.


in your name we pray,


Allow yourself….

Learning to be comfortable in the discomfort is one of the most mind twisting situation that can happen to anyone. When one is put in a situation of discomfort—one is face with two choices.. either learn to be comfortable in the discomfort—which then becomes comfortable or familiar or staying in that discomfort until you are no longer in that discomfort?…..either way a lesson has to be learned  at the end right? Just stop and think about it? That situation or  act will always be apart of you.  Are you  the kind of person that learns from the discomfort that life throws at you? Or Are you the person that sits in discomfort until you are rescued from it?

We can either sit and let our lives go by… or we can decided to hop on the train and take a ride. When you open yourself to the many possibilities that life has to offer— you experience the many of wonders that life has to offer. You open yourself to many blessings that Jesus destined for you to enjoy. You love, you hurt, you heal, you have the capabilities to transform yourself and so many people.

Allow yourself to live.

Allow yourself to love.

allow yourself to hurt.

allow yourself  to make mistakes.

allow yourself to be happy.

allow yourself to be be influenced–and influence back.

again.. allow yourself to love.




Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the cross. Thank you for forgiving us. Thank you for the opportunities that allows ourselves to learn, love, live, laugh. But most importantly–thank you for the opportunity to get to know YOU.

In you name, Jesus,






Holiday Blues or Nah?!

It’s that time of the year. The time of the year where we are “allowed to reflect on all the good that is in our lives” Well, of course you know that you don’t need a holiday to do that, but just in case you forget to evaluate and see how blessed you are.. Thanksgiving is your holiday. Look around? do you see how well we have it? US Americans. I have a place to live, running clean water, amazing friends, a home church. I can read my bible publicly and openly and not get hung for it.

I recognize how privileged, blessed beyond understanding I am. Even in the midst of our nations chaos..there are always things to be thankful for. Jesus, when we give you doubt..You give us grace. In this season of thanksgiving, I give thanks for everything and all things that I have and for the people you have put in my life. I can only pray that the road that I am walking on is your will… if not, Jesus I pray you help me find it. I pray that Jesus helps you find your will.


S.P.  Dear Friend, Promise me that you will make time to find the beauty in the middle of the chaos. Promise me that you will remember that you were made purposely and intentionally. Jesus has a plan for you.  I pray you recieve Jesus grace today,


Uncommon Teenagers!

The things that have been going on in my life are astonishing. I look around and I see God’s face. I see God’s abundant love, above all I see God’s grace. His grace is sufficient for you and for me. I am short from the perfect person– to be given another opportunity to live. To  spread God’s love fills my heart with the uttermost gratitude.

Yesterday was AMAZING!. I went to youth night at my church and I was amazed (HopeCity Church is my Church). It was amazing to see so many young people fired up about Jesus. To be a teen and to be fired about Jesus is an amazing thing. Seeing the teens go all wild, made me wonder if I was that crazy about Jesus?!— It also made think–like that is how Jesus is amped up about us. He rejoices and he is pleased when we give him praise. I am honored that I got to be apart of that experience. Apart of that joy, apart of that journey that will change and transform lives.

I pray that Jesus uses me in a way that is life changing! In a way that manifests Him in all that I do and say.

 Side Prayer: 


It was amazing to see Teens following Jesus. Following Jesus is hard! I pray that Jesus gives them strength to overcome everything and anything. ALL things are possible with you God, Help them to see that. What is impossible for a man, is Possible for God. Help them to remember they were made and created purposely and perfectly. Thank you for dying on the cross for us and forgiving us this opportunity to worship you openly and freely!













Waiting for others to be ready–when you are ready?!

I don’t know when I stopped being the girl that waited for everyone to get their lives together. It might have been after graduate school. My friends were starting to get married, forming families. It seemed like I was falling “behind somewhere” when in adulthood life was just the beginning. I fundamentally believe that God has a plan for everyone. I really do.We are all here for a purpose—and sometimes we just get lost in trying to figure out what that is and we become obsessed in having others peoples lives become our own.

Its a whirlwind trying to make it in this life. Trying to become and individual. Its hard not letting society define your standards who you are, what you should believe, how you should dress, and what kind of husband you should have. It’s even more difficult in trying figure out who you are without the influence of others. I of course, have a suggestion. Look to the cross. Look to the one who bled on the cross for you and me. In him you should find grace that is sufficient, redemption and unconditional love.

What I am saying is that you cant wait to live your life… because your friends aren’t ready. You cant put traveling on hold because your friends don’t have the finances to do it. You can’t put your dreams on hold because you haven’t met your husband yet. Sometimes we miss out so much on life–because we are waiting. You might be waiting for a very long time for somethings that are NOT in your future.
How about learning to live life and trusting God?  How about learning to live without the waiting for others to be ready to do the same things you want to do?!

I wish we learned to be individuals without having the acceptance and assurance of others.

I pray you find who  your worth is in. 🙂